• Lauren Farleigh
    Lauren Farleigh Co-Founder & CEO

    Fav Store: Justice Just for Girls

  • Christie Paz
    Christie Paz Co-Founder & Head of Engineering

    Fav Store: Hot Topic

  • Amber Xu
    Amber Xu Lead Backend Engineer

    Fav Store: Express

  • Jason Kilkenny
    Jason Kilkenny Engineer

    Fav Store: UNIQLO

  • Si Cheng Zhou
    Si Cheng Zhou Engineer

    Fav Store: UNIQLO

  • Cameron Froehlich
    Cameron Froehlich Engineer

    Fav Store: UNIQLO

  • Elijah-Giuseppe Nicolas
    Elijah-Giuseppe Nicolas Operations Lead

    Fav Store: Disney

  • Chris Keith
    Chris Keith Lead Product Designer

    Fav Store: Lululemon

  • Peter DeMarzio
    Peter DeMarzio Executive Assistant/Office Manager

    Fav Store: Gap Factory

  • Takeo Hiraki
    Takeo Hiraki Associate Product Manager

    Fav Store: Zara

  • Alexis Zhu
    Alexis Zhu VP of Operations

    Fav Store: Reformation and Revolve

  • Ivy Xing
    Ivy Xing Mobile Engineer

    Fav Store: Kate Spade

  • Taco
    Taco Chief Chewe

    Fav Store: Hairbrushes

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